Protect your animals properly from the outdoor elements

February 1 2021

Do you worry about properly sheltering your animal(s)? At Kramer Sheds we provide animal structures to keep your animal(s) out of the elements! From Bunny Hutches, Chicken Coups, Dog Kennels, and Horse Barns, we have your animal(s) covered! For more visit http://kramersheds.com/products.html?cat_id=24

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Shelter options for your animals

September 11 2020

Have you been searching for a home for one of your animals? Fall is approaching fast and we have many animal structure options. From dogs to chickens to bunnies to horses, KramerSheds.com has options for you. View our animal structures: http://www.kramersheds.com/products.html?cat_id=24

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Animal Shelter Structure

June 26 2020

Did you know that temperatures above 85 degrees can cause heat stress in animals?  Worry not, at KramerSheds.com we have your horse, chicken, bunny, or dog covered.  We mean that quite literally.  By providing cover from direct sunlight the temperature may be the same, but it will feel anywhere from 10-15 degrees different.  Stop down […]

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Animal Shelter options

June 5 2020

Bunnies, Chickens, Dogs and Horses we got you covered.  No, literally. We have great animal structures from bunny hutches, horse barns / run ins, chicken coops, dog kennels and more!  Visit our website to see all of the different animal structures that we offer: http://www.kramersheds.com/products.html?cat_id=24

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