Trash Bin Coverage or Generator Sheds

Thursday, December 21st, 2023

Winter can be a tricky time of the year. Wildlife may be scrounging to get a good meal, and weather can be unpredictable from snow to ice to high winds.

Waking up to a tipped over trash can, whether that’s from wildlife or the elements, and finding your trash scattered throughout your yard, is not a fun sight.

Another situation that happens this time of the year is what we just experienced this past week. Weather that causes flooding and power outages. This is where a portable generator comes handy, but with the downpours and rain, leaving your generator in the elements is not safe.

This is why we have structures for situations like the above-mentioned. We have sheds for your trash cans and/or generators. You can keep these items safely enclosed and away from critters and the elements. For more view http://www.kramersheds.com/product_pages.php?subcat_id=73

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