Route 611 - Tannersville, PA
Route 611 - Mount Pocono, PA
Route 209 - Marshalls Creek, PA
Route 378 - Bethlehem, PA

Thanksgiving Day Joke

November 22 2018

Why did the Turkey cross the road?   To prove he wasn’t Chicken!   Happy Thanksgiving!

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Trash storage

September 25 2018

Fall is here: and if you live in NEPA you know what that means.  It’s deer and bear season. No trash can is safe. I’m sure many can relate to waking up to wildlife enjoying an overnight snack at your expense. A tipped over can, a bag drug half way through your yard, and trash […]

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4th of July

July 4 2018

Kramer Sheds extends a Happy 4th of July to everyone out there, we hope you have a great day with family / friends! www.KramerSheds.com

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