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No Tricks, just GREAT Sheds

October 31 2018

Don’t Fall for the TRICKS of other companies.  At Kramer Sheds we have been doing this for over 25 years allowing our service and experience in delivery to be unmatched. So why get tricked when you can get the all the treats that come with our 25 years of experience. www.KramerSheds.com for more.

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Stop down to see our Sheds

October 26 2018

Have you been on the fence about whether or not to get a shed?  Here at Kramer Sheds we have a large display lot of sheds on hand. Swing by our lot and feel free to walk around and even inside our sheds.  If you have any questions just stop in the office.

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Why is Kramer Sheds the best?

October 12 2018

What’s better – fast delivery, the best warranty or great customer service?  At Kramer Sheds you don’t have to choose, we have them all! Come order your shed today. www.KramerSheds.com or 570-629-7099

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Shed payment plan option

September 6 2018

Your shed is waiting for you here at Kramer Sheds.  Ask us about our Rent to Own and Trade In options. Get your shed now while the weather is still nice so you can have time to fully enjoy it. www.KramerSheds.com or 570-629-7099

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Upgrade your shed today at Kramer Sheds

August 20 2018

Looking to upgrade, upsize, or simply to replace your shed? We offer trade-ins as well CASH for your old shed to then put towards your new Kramer’s shed. To learn more, check out www.KramerSheds.com or call 570-629-7099 to get started today.

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Order your shed today!

July 12 2018

It’s a great time to order your shed. At Kramer Sheds we offer many reasons to stop searching. From our customer service, to our warranty, to the fastest delivery time available, to giving you cash for your old shed to trade it up. We even have financing options with our Rent to Own program. Visit […]

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June 29 2018

Guys – We have your garages, and sheds for your tools, equipment, toys, and more. Ladies – We have your #SheShed too! Ready for your gardening, painting, reading, crafts or just a place to get away and relax! www.KramerSheds.com or 570-629-7099

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Accent your pool

June 8 2018

June is here! It’s time to start thinking about getting a pavilion, cabana, or pool house you’ve been dreaming of. We have many options, be sure to call us or visit online www.KramerSheds.com or 570-629-7099

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

April 6 2018

In just over ONE month we will be celebrating Mother’s Day. What are you doing for your Mom? We have some great ideas. Well covers, outdoor furniture, gazebo, cabana, pergola, or maybe it’s time to get started on the She Shed for her. Yes, She Shed is a word, and a thing. We know you’re […]

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Hiding Easter Eggs

March 30 2018

Why hide eggs in your yard when you can hide them around your new shed! Let’s make this a possibility next year. Visit www.KramerSheds.com or 570-629-7099 and have a Happy Easter!

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