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One Car Garage options available

January 25 2019

Is one of our Two Story Buildings just TOO BIG for what you need?  We have you covered! Quite literally. We have One Car Garages that will literally will have you covered, and keep your possessions safe from the winter conditions.   How do you start? Just take the first step and contact us today […]

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When did it get cold?

October 19 2018

BURRR what happened?  Fall and Winter at the same time?!  Give us a call and let’s your dream garage a reality 570-629-7099

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You new garage is here, waiting.

September 14 2018

It’s tough to change your oil in the driveway in this weather.  Fear not, we have you covered! No really, we have you, your tools, your car, and more covered with the comfort of a Garage by Kramer Sheds.   One car, two car, 2-story, or maybe you want to customize your own!  Let’s get […]

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Affordable Garages

August 31 2018

Hello September. Hello cooler weather. Hello garage! If you want to get started today please call 570-629-7099

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We love our reviews!

June 22 2018

What separates Kramer Sheds from our competition? Our willingness to match prices, the fastest delivery time available, the best warranty in the industry, as well as our customer service. So for your next Shed, Garage, Playset, Pavilion or Cabana, look no further! Put your trust in Kramer Sheds. Much like David did, see this review:

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A Father’s Day Gift

June 15 2018

“And for Father’s Day you bought me a 2 Car Garage from Kramer Sheds? Oh honey you shouldn’t have.” That’s what we hope every dad will be saying this Sunday. Happy Father’s Day – we do hope you have a great day and enjoy the time with those you’re surrounded by. But really, we’re ready […]

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Get your Garage today!

February 23 2018

A Kramer Sheds garage is the perfect place for your snowmobile, ski & snowboard equipment, shovels, snowblower, tractor plow, and sometimes even quiet time for yourself.  But you didn’t hear that from us!   For more on how to get your Garage – size, color, price, project details, and more visit   www.KramerSheds.com or 570-629-7099

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Garages garages and more garages

February 2 2018

A 2 car garage on the bottom with stairs that lead up to a nice big office area, or maybe a secret / not so secret HEtreat center.   Yeah we did that, we just put HE + retreat together and invented something amazing.  But not as amazing as your new #HeTreat #mancave www.KramerSheds.com or […]

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Your dream garage!

January 19 2018

Do you want a 2 car garage with a bonus room on top? At Kramer Sheds can we make your dream a reality!  Ask about our RENT TO OWN! www.KramerSheds.com or 570-629-7099

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Get a Garage today!

January 12 2018

Working on a car in your driveway is next to impossible in this weather.  Call in the experts at Kramer Sheds and let’s start talking about your Garage options.  Visit www.KramerSheds.com or 570-629-7099  

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