Structures that you will LOVE

February 14 2024

Love can come in many different shapes and sizes. For example: It could be a 10×16 Manchester shed. It could be a 8×12 Classic Dutch shed. Maybe it’s an Oval Gazebo, or a Pergola. Or, maybe you fell in love with one of our Two Story Buildings and you just can’t imagine not having it […]

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Garage and 2-Story building options

January 19 2024

Do you know that we offer garages and even 2-story buildings? Long are the days of needing to work in your driveway in freezing temperatures. With one of our garages / 2-story buildings, you will be able to work in the comfort of being indoors. We have many options and styles to choose from. You […]

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Work with cover

October 6 2023

Do you have a car, motorcycle, or other motorized vehicle in your driveway that is exposed to the elements as you work on it? Regardless if this is your passion or a hobby, working outside in the elements can be a distraction. We got lucky with the weather this past week, but the upcoming weeks […]

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We have garages

July 28 2023

Are you looking to get a garage? We would be happy to show you the sizes, options, and features that are available for you to create the garage of your dreams! From multi-bay to compact, and even two-story buildings, we have a solution for you! Some of these structures can be delivered, while others are […]

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Need to reclaim space?

July 14 2023

Not enough room in the garage to fit your cars? Do you have garden tools, snowblowers, riding / push mowers, a grill, seasonal sports gear and more currently taking up the area that your vehicle(s) should be? We can help, the solution is simple! You need extra storage, and we have just the answers. Notice […]

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Garage and Multi Bay GarageStorage

June 9 2023

Looking for extra storage? A Two Car Garage or Two Story Building is a great addition and will provide plenty of extra storage space. From your garden equipment to other items including dirt bikes, ATVs, boats, golf carts, cars, trucks, jet skis, and more! If you need the storage, we are here to help provide […]

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Buying a Garage

February 24 2023

Even though we have not had much of a winter, the recent storm is a reminder of how important having a structure for coverage is. At Kramer Sheds we have many different structure options to help ensure that you’re covered! Avoid letting your vehicle sit in the snow, sleet and rain and ask us about […]

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Garage, Multi-Bay Garage, Two-Story Garage

October 21 2022

At Kramer Sheds we offer so many structures in addition to sheds, pavilions, pergolas, cabanas, and playsets.   We also specialize in Garages and Two-Story Buildings! Most of these options are built on-site at your location. Our website offers some great information about our Garages and Two-Story Buildings, but you can also call our office […]

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Are you in need of more storage?

September 23 2022

You have probably never said to yourself “I just have too much empty storage space”. From outdoor furniture to garden tools to Christmas decorations, many of us lack the storage to properly store our items. Having a space that is large enough to properly organize and easily find the items that you need will save […]

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Garage and Two-story building options for your home!

December 7 2021

If you have been thinking about adding a garage to your home you may want to give us a call. Our Garages and Two-Story Buildings may be just what you are looking for. We have many options and types available. You can either visit our main lot right off Route 611 in Tannersville, visit our […]

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