Custom Poolside Storage or Structure

Pool owners are well aware of the joys that a pool brings, as well as the hassles. Dragging the floaties and equipment from your garage/storage shed which is quite a bit of a walk from your pool, in and out every day. Or maybe you forgot to put them away only to find them scattered the next day having been blown somewhere else in your yard or maybe even the neighbor’s yard.

What about sitting relaxing under your poolside umbrella when WOOSH a wind gust comes and sweeps your umbrella or maybe even damages it.

These are all problems that can be easily solved by calling Kramer Sheds. We have many poolside sheds, cabanas, bars and other structures that serve as the perfect solution.

Create your poolside dream with one of our structures, and yes, we can customize it to your specific wants or needs. Begin today by calling 570-629-7099.


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