Site Preparation

Site preparation is one of the best things you can do to prolonging the life of your shed. Our recommendation would be to prepare a site with 4-6” of crushed stone, at least a foot wider than your shed. By using crushed stone, moisture will drain out from underneath your shed. The stone base will also give a level area for your shed to rest will also prevent any shifting of the structure over time. Our delivery team is able to do site preparation for an extra fee, separate from the delivery fee, depending on the size of the structure and the property.

Have questions about where you want the site on your property? Feel free to take a few photos of your property and either email or bring them to our office for us to view. We will also Face Time with you in real-time. In instances where our sales staff cannot gage the terrain from photos, we will schedule a site survey at no charge to you.


Site Prep

10x12 - $375
10x14 - $400
10x16 - $425
10x18- $475
10x20 - $500
10x22 - $525
12x12 - $400
12x14 - $425
12x16 - $475
12x18 - $525


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