Delivery Process

Most of our sheds are delivered fully assembled on a truck and trailor. For this reason we require access to the area where the shed is going to with our truck. A general requirement is 2ft wider than the width of the shed in order for us to be able to deliver it. If site access is a problem we also do offer to assemble the shed on site for an additional fee.

Most townships require permits in order to place a shed on your property. Contact your local zoning office to get a better idea of these ordinances.

Please Call us at 570-629-7099 or email info@kramersheds.com for details.


Our standard delivery is via truck and trailer, which would need a clear path from the street to the actual site where the shed will rest (Please refer to the Site Preparations Tab for site recommendations). Along with a clear ground path, free of derbies and fencing; please be mindful of any tree branches and/or low wires which may interfere with the necessary height clearance of 14 feet. Please use your best judgment for the day of delivery in concern to your yard. It is important to make sure the ground is dry to cut the risk of our rig sinking.

Have questions about a tentative path we would take through your property? Feel free to take a few photos of your property and either email or bring them to our office for us to view. We will also Face Time with you in real-time. In instances where our sales staff cannot gage the terrain from photos, we will schedule a site survey at no charge to you. With our drivers having 45+ years of expertise delivering sheds, they will be able to give you their professional opinion for the best possible outcome for your delivery; a perfectly placed shed and a smile on your face.

Delivery by mule

Not enough room for our truck and trailer? No worries! In these cases, our skilled team of delivery drivers will use a device called the Mule. The Mule is a compact fork lift designed to navigate situations involving tight areas, low clearance, or soft ground. We would unload the shed close to the site; raise the one end to place, than we will walk the shed into place. We do not charge any extra fee for use of the Mule.

Build On Site Structures

In some cases it is impossible for our team to deliver the structure successfully, which would need the structure to be installed from scratch. Our team would assemble your structure in modular sections, allowing us to get access to the area you would like it placed. This delivery style is necessary for structures that would impede on hauling restrictions. This delivery would require an additional fee. One of our friendly sales staff would be happy to discuss whether you would fall into this category and pricing with you.


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