Shelter Protection for Animals

January 12 2024

Did you know that we have animal structures that help keep your animals stay out of the elements? We just experienced a few reasons this past week as to why these structures can be crucial for your animals. Not only must we worry about rain, sleet, and snow, but we also need to be mindful […]

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Storage for your new gifts

January 5 2024

Did you get some new outdoor toys, machinery, or equipment for the Holidays and have outgrown your garage? Next stop – Kramer Sheds! We can help with one of our many different storage options. From traditional style sheds, to creating your own, and even multi bay and 2 – story buildings. If you need additional […]

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Trash Bin Coverage or Generator Sheds

December 21 2023

Winter can be a tricky time of the year. Wildlife may be scrounging to get a good meal, and weather can be unpredictable from snow to ice to high winds. Waking up to a tipped over trash can, whether that’s from wildlife or the elements, and finding your trash scattered throughout your yard, is not […]

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A great gift idea

December 15 2023

With one simple phone call you can avoid storing your outdoor furniture, summer yard ornaments, vehicles, lawn equipment, tools, and other items to be left outside exposed to the winter elements.   One of our many available structures can accomplish this, get started by calling 570-629-7099.

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Our Rent to Own Program is a great option

December 6 2023

We have a great Rent To Own program which can get you on a schedule of affordable monthly payments to purchase a shed, animal shelter or other structure. For more information call us, or you can apply right online for our smaller structures by visiting: http://kramersheds.com/rent-to-own.html  

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Chicken Coops not for Turkeys!

November 17 2023

Did you know that turkeys can fly? In fact, wild turkeys can fly, in short distances, up to 50 mph. Wild Turkeys can also run approx 12 mph and can swim when / if needed. Needless to say, our Chicken Coops are not the ideal home for Turkeys. Although, if you do need chicken coops […]

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Skip waiting, order from our current inventory

November 10 2023

Don’t want to wait to have your shed built? Our current inventory is the way to go! We always keep a selection of sheds available for immediate purchase and fast delivery. Visit our website to see our current inventory at http://www.kramersheds.com/currentstockitems.html If you want to see any of our inventory items in person, just take […]

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Many different Chicken Coops available

November 3 2023

Have you been searching for a home for your chickens? We have many different chicken coops available. To begin visit http://www.kramersheds.com/product_pages.php?subcat_id=47

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Upcoming Halloween Wishes

October 27 2023

Do you know another great use for a shed? To store all your Halloween and holiday decorations! Have a great Halloween!

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Add additional storage with a shed

October 24 2023

A shed can provide much needed storage space. If you want to clear more space in your home, basement, or garage, consider a shed! To find out more about our sheds that come with the best warranty in the industry you can either stop at our main lot located in Tannersville, visit our website www.KramerSheds.com […]

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