Trash Bins / Generator Sheds

Our custom Trash Bins and Generator Sheds structures will help keep your garbage safe from invaders, or keep your generator out of the elements. Our custom generator structures are vented so that your generator can properly exhaust too. These are a great way to hide your trashcans and generators so that they are not an eyesore in your yard.

Trash Bins/Generator Sheds Pricing Sheet

Poconos Trash Bins/Generator Sheds

Lehigh Valley Trash Bins / Generator Sheds

NEPA Trash Bins / Generator Sheds

New Jersey Trash Bins / Generator Sheds

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Don’t have the money to put upfront but would really like to get a new shed, playset or gazebo? With our Rent-To-Own program your dream can become a reality! There is no credit check needed, just click here to be approved.