We were treated with the highest level of respect

The customer service we received at Kramer Sheds was outstanding and exceptional. All the employees we interacted with were courteous knowledgeable and friendly. The primary salesperson we dealt with was Joe. He was very well-mannered, patient and genuinely interested in explaining the most minute product detail regarding the sheds. Joe was more interested in helping my husband and I to find a shed that met our needs, than being focused on making a quick sale. In addition to that, we were treated with the highest level of respect; because of Joe’s efforts, we were able to find the shed we needed, and we are very happy and satisfied with our purchase which came with many unexpected surprises. Our biggest surprise came when Mr. Kramer himself literally rolled up his sleeves and worked alongside his employees humbly, treating them with respect. I have a water problem in my backyard, which made delivery of the shed almost impossible. Mr. Kramer and his men made multiple visits to my house to assess the water condition; to see when delivery of the shed would be possible. On his fifth visit the shed was delivered. Mr. Kramer did the job himself; not only did he deliver the shed; he also did the actual installment, with his employee’s assistance. There was no dictating or delegating to the employee what needed to be done. Upon completion of the installment, the team went as far as cleaning up and raking my grass. Kramer Sheds has a great team that makes the customers feel respected and valued. Such a great commitment to customer service has to be commended. I look forward to working with the Kramer team again, as well as recommending them to others.